[ This is a story set in the Fairly Odd Parent's universe and primarily involves
the main character, Horny Aladdin as he proceeds to have the best day ever.
The journey is long and strange, but fun, please forgive the details I got wrong
and any spelling errors. I hope I got everything in the story tag ]
Aladdin's Best Day Ever
( M/F, m/f, m/F,m/f+, f/f, F/f, m voyeur, m mast, beast, rape, incest, humil, ws )

.                 Chapter 1 - The Stone That Starts the Avalanche

.    Horny Aladdin’s eyes snapped up as energy for the day pumped into his veins, his little boy metabolism kicking in.  He leaped out of his bed and walked over to his goldfish bowl, where his two goldfish hovered in mid bowl, still fast asleep. “ Hey guys, wake up,” he said, giving the bowl a shake,” I want to tell you about a dream I had,”

.    “ Huh, what, it wasn’t me!” The fish with the green eyes said with a start, zooming around bowl in a wild manner.

.    “ Oh. Good morning Aladdin,” The other fish, this one with pink eyes said, waking up.

.    “ I had the most amazing dream last night!” Aladdin exclaimed, waving his hands in  the air for emphasis.

.    The two fish rose out of the bowl, transforming into two tiny people, not much bigger then 10 year old Aladdin, but with gold crowns on their heads. Each of them carried a wand tipped with a gold star that glowed faintly. They were, of course, Cosmo and Wanda, Aladdin’s fairy god parents.  “ Ok, what was it about?” Wanda asked.

.    “ Ya Aladdin, tell us. Was it about fish, dragons? Oh, oh, I know, it was about cheese!”  Cosmo spazed, turning into each to give Aladdin ( or maybe himself ) a visual aid.

.    “ Well, no.” Aladdin said,” I was at school, which usually means I’m having a nightmare, but in my dream is was no clothes day.” Aladdin whispered this last part, a bit of shyness kicking in. “ I was surrounded by all the girls in my class, and it felt really good to look at them.”  

.    Cosmo giggled at this uncontrollable , making Aladdin blush. Wanda shushed him by saying “ Cosmo, be quiet,” to which he made a valiant, but futile attempt to hide his mirth. “ That just means you’re growing up sweetie, its nothing to be ashamed about,”

.    “ I guess so,” Aladdin said uncertainly, “ But I wanted to try something. I wish for X-Ray vision!” He shouted enthusiastically.

.    Wanda looked uncertain, but Cosmo shouted “ You got it Aladdin,” and waved his wand, making it glow brightly for a moment, but unfortunately Cosmo giggled just then, making the wand flicker. At the same time, Wanda got a panicked look and waved her wand as well. There was twin puffs of magic and a crashing sound. When it cleared, Wanda and Cosmo were covered in what looked like dull armor. Cosmo had fallen to the floor under the excess weight.

.    “Did it work?” Aladdin asked, “ How come I can’t see through what you two are wearing?”

.    “ Well Aladdin, I wanted to make sure you know you can’t see through led, so I gave us led clothes.” Wanda said nervously.

.    “ Ok,” Aladdin said accepting this in his naïve way, and before he could think it through, he heard is mother calling him down to breakfast. “ Be right there Mom!” he called, and rushed out the door.

.    As Aladdin left the room, Wanda glared at Cosmo, “ What were you thinking! You know if he thinks anything sexual about us that Jorgen will take us away from Aladdin,” Jorgen Von Strangle was the toughest fairy in the universe, physically as well as being a stickler for the rules.

.    “ Oh ya, I forgot,” Cosmo said, in his usual absentminded way.

.    Wanda let out an exasperated sigh. “ You’re lucky you’re so cute,” she said. Her expression softening.  With a quick look around to make sure Aladdin wasn’t storming back in, she slyly slid a hand between Cosmo’s legs, “ At least all that meat that should be in your head was relocated to a decent spot,” she said, squeezing his well developed package.

.    “ Yay! “ cosmos exclaimed and shared a kiss with his wife.

.    Aladdin climbed down the stairs to get his breakfast before school. He breached the kitchen and was momentarily surprised to see his dad sitting in his chair without a shirt on. ‘ Oh yea, the wish must be working,’ he thought and sat at his own chair, digging into the bowl of cold cereal with enthusiasm.

.    “ Aladdin. Is it me or is it a little drafty in here today?” His Dad asked, in what might be a serious tone.

.    “Nope,” Aladdin said, finishing his cereal. “ Feels fine Dad,” he said, snickering.

.    “ Well I’m going to go check the thermostat,”  his Dad said, pushing back in his chair to get up. Aladdin quickly got up, grabbed his book bag, and headed toward the door before he got a full view of his father.

.    “ Sorry Dad, gotta go, busy day at school,” he said, “ He dashed down the hallway, passing his mother as he ran,” By Mom!”

.    “  Have a good day at school Aladdin!” She said, and walked into the kitchen. “ Honey, why are you and Aladdin not wearing any clothes?” she asked when she caught sight of her nude husband.

.    “ Well Today’s no clothes day at work,” he said, “ I don’t know about Aladdin,” They both looked at each other, shrugged, and laughed in manic voices.

.    Aladdin strutted down the sidewalk, hardly being able to wait to get to school for once in his life. He looked down at his shirt and for a brief moment wondered why he couldn’t see through it, when there was a crash from above him. A steel cage, just large enough for him, fell from a tree on top of him, and a rope snapped taught  on the side of the cage pulling him into a nearby crop of bushes.

.    “ Finally, my deeply laid plans have come to fruition!” a very high pitched young voice shrieked, “ I have captured Horny Aladdin so I can have him all to my self!”

.    ‘ I know that voice’ Aladdin had time to think before a short girl with black hair, large glasses, and braces leaped into the cover of the bushes ‘ Oh great, Tootie. And I can see her clothes? Then that means…’

.    “ And he’s naked!” the little girl shrieked in delight, jumping up and down.

.                Chapter 2 : Tooting his horn

.    ‘ Cosmo, that idiot, he made it so that everybody could see through my clothes, not so I could see through everybody else’s! ‘ Aladdin thought, clasping his hands over his exposed genitals. Panic was beginning to sneak in. His capturer, Tootie, was the sister of his babysitter Vicky ( Icky, with a V ), and had the world’s largest crush on him. ‘ Must not panic. I need to get rid of her so I can talk to Cosmo and Wanda and fix this wish. Time to be smooth,’ Aladdin thought, but thinking was about as far as that last idea got, “ To-”

.    “ Let me touch it!” she demanded, falling to her knees and reaching one hand in the cage, “ Please Aladdin, let me touch it. Vicky always gets to touch boy’s thingies, and she’s icky, please let me touch it Aladdin,”

.    Aladdin blushed momentarily, ‘Vicky likes to play with boys things?’ he thought briefly. After a moment his head cleared and he considered his current situation more carefully. He needed to get out of this cage and his options were few. “ Only if you let me out of this cage,” he said, scooting his butt against the back bars, away from Tootie’s grasping hand.

.     Tootie considered this very carefully. She remembered peeking into Vicky’s room when her parents were gone and her boyfriends were over. Whenever she had played with them, they kept saying how much they loved her. She would love for Aladdin to say that to her! “ Ok!,” she said.

.    Aladdin gulped nervously, and made a pulling motion down with his hands ( or so it looked to Tootie ) and inched nervously toward the front of the cage. Tootie cupped Aladdin’s balls in her hand, and watched him appear to melt. Her eyes went big as saucers when she saw this, “ Neat,” she said in an uncharacteristically quiet voice.

.    Aladdin was in heaven, he couldn’t believe how good it was to let a girl touch him. He was reminded of his dreams, but he hadn’t even told his god parents about the stiff little branch his penis had become when he woke up in the middle of the night, and how it felt good to rub it before he drifted back to sleep. The branch-thing was happening again, and the sensation was mind boggling now.

.    “ Look, its getting all hard!” Tootie squealed, and wrapped her small fingers around the shaft, it was wonderfully warm, and felt both soft and hard. “ I’m gonna make you love me Aladdin!” she said and began to rub it up and down it’s length, like she had seen Vicky do.

.    A few minutes of this and Aladdin began to feel a whole new sensation, something building up in his balls and stomach. It would have been scary if it didn’t feel so good. Soon, he let loose a squeak and grabbed a hold of the bars to steady himself as his knees almost gave out. He felt something spit from the tip of his penis striking Tootie’s lower lip, at the same time a sensation of utmost pleasure surged through him.

.    Tootie  jumped in surprise, then grinned ecstatically. Every time a boy had done that to Vicky, they had yelled they loved her. She had been too entranced to remember hearing him say anything, but through good old classical conditioning, she assumed he had said it to. “ He loves me!” she said, clasping her hands to her heart, grinning so widely her eyes closed, and fainted, falling over sideways.

.    Aladdin pulled up the pants that only he could see, thoughts racing. He had no idea what had just happened, it was scary but, interesting. It had felt good, but not like eating candy, or beating a new video game. It was entirely new. Now he had to see what happened when he saw girls naked for real. “ Cosmo! Wanda! “ he shouted. They appeared in twin puffs of magic, still in their pseudo-armor, but it was slightly askew.

.    “ Hi Aladdin!,” Cosmo said, “ What happened sweety, where are your clothes,” Wanda said, she had been too busy covering herself and her husband to notice Cosmo had botched his earlier wish.

.    “ On me!” Aladdin yelled, “ Cosmo screwed up the wish and made it so everyone could see through my clothes instead,” Aladdin said, covering his genitals again.

.    “ What about the cage?” Cosmo asked.

.     “ Never mind that, just fix this wish and get me out, or I’m going to be late for school !” He exclaimed, exasperated and not wanting to explain why there was a passed out Tootie on the ground just out of their sight.  This time they both raised their wands and with a puff of magic, Aladdin was free and looked clothed once again.

.    “ Thanks guys, gotta run,” he said, taking off from the bushes, but sparing one last glance at Tootie’s cum splattered face.

.    Aladdin got to the bus stop just in time to catch the bus. He boarded it and grimaced as he saw the hairy body of the bus driver sitting naked at the wheel. ‘ Didn’t think about that,’  he thought, and quickly got in. He scanned the crowd and saw with satisfaction that everyone was naked.  He quickly took an empty bus seat , and prepared a small shrine to coax Jasmine Tang into sitting down next to him. Jasmine was the most popular girl in school, and the one who Aladdin had a crush on at least as big as Tootie had on him.  His bids for her attention have gone almost exclusively unnoticed.

.    The bus made its next stop, and the goddess herself stepped onboard. Aladdin’s eyes were immediately transfixed on her budding young breasts. His Dad had been right, and it was a little chilly today, and Jasmine’s nipples were the slightest bit tweaked. His jaw dropped and his eyes bugged. She passed from row to row, saying hi to the popular kids and ignoring the non-popular ones. She breached Aladdin’s seat and he got a view of her in full frontal. His eye’s shot to mound of flesh where her legs came together. It was over in an instance, but it seemed like forever to Aladdin. He meant to invite her to sit, but could not find words, and she passed by him without even glancing in his direction.

.    As Jasmine went by, he stuck his head into the aisle and got a view of her wonderful heart shaped ass. He relished the way it bobbed as she stepped.  ‘ This is one of the best wishes I have ever made,’ he thought, before an annoyed humph caused him to turn around. Standing all of 2 inches from his face, was Jasmine’s best friend, a blonde popular  girl named Veronica.

.    Aladdin may have loved Jasmine, but he hadn’t been able to see her this close. She stood with her legs spread, and her lips were parted ever so slightly. He glimpsed a shiny pink inside, and a curious little nub at the top sticking out. “ Out of my way, looser,” she said in a high pitched voice that sounded on the edge of hysteria, pushing his head aside, “ And quit looking at me like that,” . She managed not to blurt out what actually went through her head at the moment, which was, ’ Want a peek?’ ( she was actually wearing a skirt, although Aladdin couldn’t see this ). She rushed over to take her place by Jasmine, pushing such thoughts out of her head.

.    Aladdin sat back in his chair and covered his stiffy with his book bag. Today was shaping up to be a very good day indeed.

.            Chapter 3 : The Secret Lives of Faeries.

.    Wanda caressed her husband through the metal-coated pants and listened for the sound of the door that signified Aladdin had left the building. Finally she heard what she was waiting for and with a wicked grin slipped her hand into the pants and pulled out her husband’s cock. It was massive, thicker then her wrist and as long as her forearm.

.    “ Well why did you think I married him?” Wanda said, smiling to a camera she shouldn’t be able to see.  She licked the shaft greedily, starting at the base, working her way up. She flicked the tip briefly, making Cosmo shudder, and ran her tongue back down. She stopped at his balls and slowly sucked one into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue from one ball to the other, and vacuumed the other ravenously.

.    Wanda let it fall from her mouth and planted a kiss on his pair. Kiss after kiss she planted on his throbbing member as she worked her way to the top. At last she placed her lips square on the tip and kept them there. She moved her head forward, opening her mouth wide and taking the purple head into her mouth. Through centuries of practice, she was able to open her throat without gagging, letting him slide down inside her, bit my bit, until she had it all the way down.

.    Cosmo was smart enough to keep his mouth shut to keep from spoiling the mood ( he had picked up on this rather quick).  Now though, he grabbed her swirly pink bob of hair with one hand and began to pump backward and forward, fucking her throat. After a few minutes of this, Cosmo at last let out a grunt.

.    Wanda’s eyes bugged a little as she felt Cosmo shooting his hot cum deep in her throat, forcing her to swallow a very large quantity. She pulled it back, gagging just a little as the now slimy cock slid out of her, coated in a…. brown liquid?

.    She swished some of it around in her mouth, “ Chocolate?…Cosmo wha…”

.    Cosmo grinned and took his hand from out behind his back, the wand tip was glowing. “ Well, you always complain about the taste, so I mixed it with something you like!”

.    Before Wanda had a chance for rebuttal, she cocked her head to the side and said, “ Aladdin needs us!” , stuffed Cosmo back into his pants, and poofed the goo off her before poofing them to where Aladdin was in a cage.

.    After Aladdin leapt out of the bushes, Wanda looked around and saw the passed out Tootie. “ Cosmo, look at this!” she said, pointing to the little splatter of Aladdin‘s cum-flavored cum.

.    “ Our little Aladdin’s growing up,” he said, over exaggerating with tears in his eyes.

.    Wanda nodded and said, “ Now we have to be extra careful, unless we want to lose Aladdin” she said.

.    Cosmo had bent closer to look at the little girl, and didn’t hear his wife until she grabbed him by the shoulders and spin him around. “ But right now I am so turned on,” She gave his package a squeeze, gave him a lust filled look, and poofed away, saying,” Meet me in Aladdin’s room.”

.    When he arrived a moment later, Wanda was lying naked, spread eagle on Aladdin’s bed, running her fingers through her pink bush. “ Lunch time big boy,” she said in a husky voice and spread her pussy lips with two fingers in a V shape. Cosmo didn’t need any further encouragement, he wriggled out of his clothes as he swooped down to his wife, and before he tossed his wand aside he  used a little magic to make his tongue nice and long.

.    He plunged his magically long tongue into his wife’s waiting tunnel. Wanda gasped at this, “ Eat me, Cosmo, eat me till I cum,”. Cosmo wriggled his tongue inside his wife like a snake, and used his fingers to rub her obscenely protruding clitty, gently at first and with ever greater severity. After several thousand years, he knew exactly where to press to make his wife scream. As her orgasm approached, Wanda used her wand and there was a poof of magic and the room was sound proofed just in time for her to let out a shrill scream.

.    Cosmo crawled forward, letting his tongue slide over her clit as he removed it from her clenching pussy, and retracting it into his mouth at the same time. He started kissing his wife as he moved up her stomach, stopping at her tits to nibble on each of them in turn. He trailed up her neck and ended with a long kiss on her lips.

.    “ Fuck me, fuck me hard,” Wanda whispered in his ear and reached down to guide his penis into her waiting love tunnel.  She moaned as the throbbing tip entered her, felt herself stretching as the massive thing slid into her, aided by the moisture from the previous orgasm. Cosmo felt it slide home and began to pump slowly in and out.

.    Wanda suddenly grabbed him in a hug and flipped so that she was on top. They were now making love in midair. She ran her hands on his chest and began to move her hips up and down, moaning and groaning in ecstasy. Now that they were in the air, they were both humping each other ( a feat that’s never quite comfortable for people who can’t fly, but absolutely wonderful if you can ). Wanda set a grueling pace, her lust overcoming her. She embraced him and ran her nails down his back, drawing blood. Cosmo was too lost in ecstasy to notice.

.     “ I’m gonna cum!” Cosmo yelled, and ground forward mightily. “ Do it honey, cum for me, cum hard,” Wanda yelled back, grinding forward with equal strength. As they began their simultaneous climax, a warning bell trilled in the back of Wanda’s mind, but it washed away in a tidal wave of ecstasy.

.    They floated down to Aladdin’s bed and uncoupled, Wanda kissed her husband and looked down. “ Cosmo!,” she yelled. Between her legs was a sticky brown mess.

.    “ Oops,” he said sheepishly.  “ Uh, I think I left the toaster burning,” he said and grabbed his wand, proofing out leaving the shape of a chicken in in the cloud before it dissipated.

.    Wanda looked at the mess and conjured some feminine cleaning products and tub to wash in. She sighed, then smiled, ‘ He’s so lucky he’s hung like a moose,’ she thought, and began to clean up the mess.

.                Chapter 4: Peeping Tim

.    Aladdin managed to make it through the day without grossly embarrassing himself. There was a shaky moment when he had to walk to lunch when he though he wouldn’t be able to hide himself, but all he had to do was glance toward his teacher, Mr. Crocker, and he was able to

.    After school was over, Aladdin went through what had happened in his head. There was more to this and he knew it. “ Cosmo! Wanda! “ Aladdin yelled when he managed to seclude himself. They both appeared wearing very large grins, seeming very cheerful and still donning their metal gear. “ How was your day sweetie?”  Wanda asked.

.    “ Great!” Aladdin said, “ I got to see the popular girls Jasmine and Veronica, as well as every other girl in my class. There were some bad parts tho, Seeing Crocker was not something I want to repeat.” Cosmo shuddered at this. “ I did see a lot of guys naked too.” Aladdin said, and looked down at himself,” Does the size of someone’s, you know, thing matter?” He asked, Wanda glanced at Cosmo. “ Well Aladdin, some girls think so,”.

.    “ Don’t listen to her Aladdin, she’s too polite. Having a big cock is great!” Cosmo blurted out. There was a poof of magic from Wanda’s wand and a steel plate appeared over his mouth.

.    “ Cock?” Aladdin asked, curiously.

.    “ Er, yes, that’s what some people call their penis,” Wanda said, nervously.

.    “ Oh, so then I can wish for a bigger cock right? I mean, Crocker’s was almost the same size as mine” ( Cosmo giggled uncontrollable at this, muffled by his iron-mask ).  “ But AJ’s was a lot bigger,”

.    “ Sorry, sweetie, but Da’ Rules say that we’re not allowed to do that,” she said.

.    At last Aladdin’s short attention span kicked in, and his mind backtracked to his sexual encounters of the day. First in his mind was Jasmine, of course. A close second was the close-up he had of Veronica ( who had been quite excited by his stare, although he didn’t know this.). A third was what Tootie had said, that Vicky played with boys cocks, that might prove interesting, and was also prompted his next wish.

.    “ Ok, I wish I didn’t have x-ray vision anymore.” Wand sighed relief at this, and raised her wand. She banished the armor at the same time, replacing it with their normal clothes. “ But now I wish for a map with Jasmine, Veronica, and Vicky’s houses marked on it,”.

.    “ What for Aladdin?” Wanda asked, but at the same time Cosmo granted the wish.

.    “ I want to see what they do when I’m not around,” Aladdin said, inspecting the map. “ Ok, lets see, the nearest house is Veronica’s. I’ll go there first,” he stated, and began to walk off screen. “ And I wish that you guys were wrist bands, in case I need to make wishes,” They both raised their wands and with a poof, appeared on Aladdin’s wrist as pink and green bands.

.    They arrived at a one story house that looked pretty typical, brown roof, white paint, and a rather convenient trim of bushes around the whole place. “ Now, which room is her’s? “ Aladdin asked.

.    “ Oh, Oh, I know, it’s the  one with the pink drapes!” Cosmo-band said.

.    “ Ok, I wish that I couldn’t be seen through that window,” Aladdin said, and the window shined briefly pink.

.    Aladdin snuck up and crept into the bushes, which where full and hid him well. What he saw when he looked up took his breath away. Lying on the bed was Veronica, and at first Aladdin thought that his god parents had botched a wish again, but then realized that she was touching herself. ‘ She’s really naked!’ he though.  

.    Veronica’s hands were busily flying on her young pussy. She was furiously rubbing a small, pink nub while pumping two fingers in and out so rapidly they were almost a blur. Her cheeks were bright red with effort and she was quickly rotating her hips in rhythm with her hands.  Sitting on either side of her, was a blurry photograph of Aladdin, and a school picture of Jasmine.

.    All of the sudden the doorknob began to twist. Panic interrupted the lust that dominated Veronica’s  eyes. She glanced from one picture to the other, in that moment she only had time to get rid of one of them. She decided that she would rather be seen as a lesbian then in love with a loser and tossed the picture of Aladdin underneath a dresser on the other side of the room.  

.    It slide out of sight just as the door swung open and Jasmine stepped into the room holding a math book. She saw her friend lying spread out on a bed,  naked, with a picture of her being used as what could only be described as ‘ inspiration ’ . The book fell from her hand and her jaw dropped to the floor.

.                Chapter 5 : A Jasmine Situation

.    “ Oh my gosh! What are you doing?!” Jasmine exclaimed, still taking the scene in with her eyes.

.    “  Um, I, Um. I was putting your picture up and um, had an itch?” Veronica offered weekly. She was blushing so much that it had spread from her head to her toes.

.    Jasmine walked further into the room, the door swinging shut behind her. Her eyes locked on to the glistening flesh of her best friend’s slit. Needless to say, this wasn’t helping Veronica control herself. She tingled so badly down there but didn’t dare move. “ Eww, you do that? That’s so disgusting!” Jasmine said, although her tone suggested she thought quite the opposite.

.    Veronica didn’t hear this however, and her response was little more then meaningless jabber. She could already imagine the taunts and jeers at school, she would be a social outcast for the rest of her life. She screwed up her eyes, at least she wouldn’t cry, maybe she could manage that much. Then she felt a finger slide slowly into her. ‘ Oh No! I can’t stop myself, I’m playing with myself  right in front of her.” She cautiously opened one eye and peered down, and what she saw made her heart leap into her throat.

.    Jasmine had lain down on the bed, her face was absolutely glowing with excitement, she had a grin from ear to ear. She had experimented rubbing herself in the shower, but had never done anything even close to what she glimpsed Veronica doing. Playing with herself was always awkward, she couldn’t get a good look inside or anything. Now she saw she a chance, and took it. She stuck one of her fingers into her friend, “ Wow, its really warm in there,” she said, and removed her finger, “ And wet”

.    “ Um, Jasmine?” Veronica asked, very confused and excited, which made it hard to think.

.    “ Ok Popular girl Veronica, if you don’t want me telling everyone at school what I saw you doing, then we’re going to have to do whatever I want ok?” Jasmine asked, looking into her friend’s eyes.

.    There was an almost audible click as the gears locked together in Veronica’s brain, and immediately her pussy flared up in desire.  She smiled, “ Of course, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me.” she said and spread the lips of her vagina invitingly.

.    Jasmine giggled at this and inserted two fingers into her, like she had seen earlier. She pumped them slowly in and out, feeling the walls squeeze her fingers, loving every minute of it, “ Doesn’t this feel weird?” she asked.

.    “ Its wonderfull!” Veronica mewled, and began to rotate her hips in time with Jasmine’s fingers.  Half of her dreams were coming true. Deep down, she was pretty sure she was asleep. But  that wouldn’t stop her from enjoying herself.

.    “ And what’s this little nub here?” Jasmine asked, removing her finger and stroked the blood engorged clit, causing Veronica to cry out, “ Its called a clitty!”  she shivered, “ And its very sensitive.”

.    Jasmine giggled and played with it using the tip of her finger. This caused Veronica to twitch and cry out spasmodically. At last she couldn’t take it, she felt herself welling to one huge orgasm. The excitement and perversion of Jasmine Tang fingering her caused something rather unexpected, she felt her muscles squeeze violently and a spray of clear liquid squirted out of her. Veronica screeched at the pleasure that flowed through her loins like liquid fire.

.    Jasmine laughed as it splashed her face, like it was a squirt gun on a hot summer day. “ Wow, I didn’t know that could happen!” She said. Veronica had collapsed panting “ Me neither,” she gasped.

.    A sly grin replaced the smile on Jasmine’s face, and she slid off the bed and looked around. “ I just got such a nasty idea,” she said. She got to her feet and walked around the room. When she went back to the bed, she had a pencil, a marker, and her own cell phone. “ Ok, now we’re gonna play a game called ‘ What fits?’ “ she said, and placed all the objects on the bed except the pencil. Veronica nodded weakly.

.    The wide smile lit Jasmine’s face again as she stuck the pencil inside of her. It slid in  far to easy, she let it stay  half inside her. Veronica let out a faint, “Oh”. She then took the phone and punched a few buttons and aimed it at the her friend. “ Smile! “ she said and there was a clicking noise from the phone.

.    “What was that?” Veronica asked, regaining her wits.

.    “ Oh, just something for future reference,” she said and slid the pencil out. “ Now turn over!” Jasmine demanded.

.    That picture made her both nervous and excited. Two thoughts waged war in her head. These were ’ What if someone else sees them?’ countered by, ’ Maybe she’ll use them to play with herself!’. She finally settled the dispute by thinking that today was worth it, no matter what the consequences.  So she obeyed, sticking her ass high into the air.

.    “ I wonder if it fits here,” Jasmine said and placed the moist eraser of the pencil on Veronica’s other hole.  She hesitated a moment and pushed forward, sliding into her ass. It was a little harder, but it still went in easy enough.

.    This sensation was new to Veronica. It felt really odd having something go in there instead of out. She found she liked it. Jasmine began to move it around like a joystick, causing brand new sensations to course through her friends small body. “ That’s feels amazing,” Veronica squealed, waving her butt around in the air for emphasis.

.    “ Good,” Jasmine said, and let go to grab the marker. This she pushed roughly into Veronica’s tender love tunnel. Veronica squeaked, she hadn’t really experimented with putting other things inside of her yet. As Jasmine let go, she clenched the vaginal muscles and held it place.

.    “ Perfect!” Jasmine said and snapped another picture with her phone. Veronica was in a really lewd position now. She had a pencil sticking out of her ass and a marker from her pussy. But she couldn’t be happier.  

.    Jasmine took both of the item’s out of Veronica and sat back, thinking. She leaned against the bed post with her legs spread and her short white skirt was flipped up. Veronica repositioned and sat on the edge of the bed and looked between her friend’s legs. They were soaked with the young girl’s juices. “ Jasmine, your soaking wet, here, let me help.” she reached forward and grabbed the panties and began to pull.

.    “ Well I guess its only fair you get to see my perfection,” Jasmine said as they slid off. She looked down, shocked to see her own pink bump had swelled up. She had been so wrapped up with Veronica that she didn’t notice how horny she had gotten.

.    “ I’ll show you something really, really cool,” Veronica said and put her face right up to her crotch and inhaled her scent deeply. She had fantasized about this for so long. Tentively, she stuck out her tongue and flicked the little pink bud. Jasmine’s hips automatically lurched forward. Electricity flowed from that spot like it was hooked up to a battery.

.    Veronica used her tongue and ran it delicately up and down the vaginal lips. She teased the outside as long as she could stand it then ram it deep inside, greedily lapping the juices that were flowing freely. She returned her attention to the clit and sucked on it, moving her lips and tongue in a wave motion like suckling from a bottle, which Jasmine’s hips mimicked.

.    Jasmine felt a heat building in her abdomen, and automatically grabbed Veronica’s bangs and ground her face into her crotch. She exploded in her first orgasm, yelling it to the world, and fell off the bed as it receded like a wave.

.    Veronica licked the girl’s cum off her lips and looked down at the frazzled girl. “ How was it?” she asked, smiling.

.    Jasmine got to her legs, which still felt like they were going to collapse, “ Too cool,” she said.

.    “ You might want to put these back on “ Veronica giggled, and tossed the wet panties at Jasmine, who caught them.

.    “ Eww, but there all wet,” she said, running her fingers over them, “ Can I use your dryer?” she asked.

.    “ Ok,” Veronica said and got up, she grabbed a large T-shirt from the drawer. “ I’ll show you where it is.”

.    “ Where did you learn how to do all that anyway?”  Jasmine asked.

.    “ Well, remember during the summer when I went away to my cousin’s?” Veronica asked.

.    “ The 16 year old one that dresses all gothic and stuff?” Jasmine responded.

.    “ Ya, well, she showed me all of the neat stuff that a girl can do, either with another girl or by herself,” Jasmine smiled at this“ Even if she has a horrible fashion sense.” They both laughed at this and walked out of the room.

.                Chapter 6 : Icky Vick
.    As soon as he saw Jasmine entered the room, Aladdin wished to be able to hear what was going on and was reward with what looked like a stethoscope which he placed on the glass. He watched the two girls pleasure each other with unusual attention. Through out most of the ordeal, Aladdin’s cock was pressing painfully against his shorts, but he was to enthralled to do anything about it. At the point where Veronica went down on Jasmine, the problem took care of itself as he exploded in his pants.

.    As the girls left the room laughing, Aladdin crept from the bushes back into the road where he didn’t look so suspicious. He looked down at his wrist bands and said “ That was amazing you guys! The way they were yelling and Veronica licked her like an ice cream cone. I wonder how it tastes? It must be good. And the were putting stuff inside her, fingers, pencils, even that marker.”

.    Aladdin gasped for breath. “ Aladdin, sweety, don’t you think you should calm down? You’re going to collapse if you don’t”

.    A crazy look entered Aladdin’s eye. At this moment Wanda knew Aladdin had the potential to b a real lech. “ I can’t. I gotta know more. I didn’t know about any of this yesterday. I can only imagine what else there is!”. He took out his map.

.    “ Well, Jasmine’s house is near here, but she isn’t home. So I’ll go to Vicky’s. Maybe I can catch her with a boy!”. Wanda-band and Cosmo-band glanced at each other. Aladdin was distracted now, but it was only a matter of time before he asked them about sex, and this would be bad. After that moment tho, Aladdin was off, following his map.

.    He arrived at Vicky’s two story house. He noticed that there weren’t any cars in the driveway, and for a moment thought that nobody was home. Then he noticed that the second story window was open “ I wish for a ladder, and that I was see through.”. A moment later and the wish was granted.

.    He set the ladder beneath the window and climbed to the top. The sun was on the other side, so the room was not well lit. In a pool of light cast by a lamp there was a girl slumped in an armchair. She had red hair and wore a green shirt that showed off her small breasts and flat stomach, and a pair of black paints. In one hand she held a large glass of dark liquid that was half empty.  Her pink eyes were half close and small bubbles popped around her head, she was drunk.

.    Aladdin noticed that she had one hand down the front of her pants, forming a large lump there. He jumped, almost falling off the ladder as she said “  Stupid Todd, dumping me like that,”.  Aladdin managed to realize that Vicky was talking to nobody, and was apparently quite upset.

.    The bulge in her pants squirmed. ‘ God I’m so horny. I haven’t had Sex in a days. Stupid Todd, with his stupid big cock [ “ Told you Aladdin!” Cosmo said at this ] that fit so nicely in my throbbing pussy,” As she said this, the lump moved around for emphases on a few choice words.

.    “ Well, if I can’t get cock, then I’m going to have to get off  have to something else,” Vicky said to the empty room, and the boy outside although she didn’t know it. “ Tootie! Get in here!” She yelled, placing the drink on the floor.

.    Tootie peeked her head around the corner. “ What? I did all your chores already,” She said cautiously. Living with Vicky was one nightmare after the next. And with their parent’s out who knows what diabolical scheme she was planning.

.    “Come here twerpet,” She said, smiling a sharks smile at her sister as she walked in front of her.

.    “ Eww, what are you doing?” Tootie asked, seeing her sister with her hand stuffed down her pants.

.    “ Getting off,” Vicky snapped back at her. “ Now dance squirt!” she command.

.    “ What, but, I “ Tootie said, flabbergasted.

.    “ Shake that ass for me!” Vicky command, “ Or else I’ll tell mom you were looking at Dad’s dirty magazines.”

.    “ But I don’t even know what a dirty magazine looks like,” Tootie whined, already knowing defeat was eminent.

.    “ Well who are they gonna believe, you or these high resolution full colored, expertly doctored photographs?” She said, producing a handful of Polaroid pictures.

.    Tootie’s lip trembled, and with an unbelievable sad look in her eyes, she began to shuffle back and forth. Vicky’s toothy, shark-like grin spread wider, along with her legs.

.            Chapter 7 : Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

.    “ My it’s hot in here,” Vicky said, still working her hand methodically beneath her pants. “ Isn’t it hot my dear sister? Wouldn’t you be much more comfortable naked?” She said, her tone as sweet as could be.

.    Tootie looked scared and managed to squeak out, “ But,”

.    “ Now!,” vicky yelled harshly.

.    Tootie let out a long sniff and  unbuttoned her vest, she took it off, folded it carefully and set it to the side. She fumbled with the buttons on the undershirt, but finally managed to get off. She folded it and laid it next to the shirt.  With the window wide open, it was almost chilly in the room. The center of Tootie’s breasts were shrunk to hard little cherry pits. She blushed and cupped her hands over them.

.    Vicky licked her lips and said sharply “ Now the rest,”

.    She shivered a little, and closed her eyes. She moved first one hand then the other down to her skirt and pushed it down to her ankles. Now she was standing there just in her panties. These she pulled down  so that both her panties and skirt were sitting in a poll beneath her feet. ( At that point, Aladdin had to clamp his hand over his mouth to keep from crying out as he got a wonderful view of Tootie bending over.) She kicked this toward the clothes pile.

.    Tootie was built like a typical girl her age. She had no real breasts to speak of, a round little tummy, and a smooth hairless mound. The latter she covered with her hands, her eyes downcast and sparkling with reserved tears.

.    “ Now that’s more like it,” Vicky said, massaging herself still. “ Now Dance,” she commanded.

.    Tootie gave a weak, watery sigh and began to shuffle back and forth, swinging her arms from side to side. This absolute indignity drove Vicky to high levels of pleasure. If only she were riding someone’s fuck-stick then she would be in heaven.

.    After a few minutes, Vicky snapped, “  Alright that’s enough,” and finally took her hand out of her pants.  “ Now I’m hot, take these off,” she grinned, and patted her pants.

.    Tootie walked timidly forward, and with a grimace began to tug on the sides of the pants. Vicky stayed as a dead weight, enjoying every minute of her sister’s  struggle. Finally, she managed to get them off, a bit a sweat gleaming on her forehead.

.    Vicky was wearing a pair of lacy white panties underneath. Through them, you could see her bristly red bush and the outline of her pussy lips. The front was stained with wetness.

.    “ Now these, “ Vicky commanded. But as Tootie reached for them, Vicky said , “ Not like that twerppette, use your teeth, “  she emphasized teeth by clicking her together into a viscous leer.

.    Tootie looked horrified at this, “ But, but, that’s nasty, you can’t make me..” she faltered on this last word as Vicky produced the photo’s again.  Tootie’s lips trembled and her eyes wavered, but she opened her mouth and moved forward.

.    The smell coming from between Vicky’s legs was terrible, but Tootie didn’t have any choice. ’ I wonder if therapy will get rid of this memory’ she thought as she clamped her teeth down on the rim. She tugged downward like a dog pulling of a rope. As it pulled down, the bristly hair tickled her nose. When she cleared Vicky’s pink lips, which were slick with juice, vicky lunged her hips forward, sending Tootie’s face into her crotch.

.    Tootie squealed in surpise and fell backwards with a thump, letting go of the panties. The smelly liquid was covering her nose and made her feel queasy. Vicky just laughed at this and slipped the underwear the rest of the way off, tossing it in Tootie’s face. She gave a little scream and flung the dripping panties across the room, prompting more cruel laughter from her sister.

.    “ What’s wrong Twerpette? Don’t you like my pussy?”  Vicky laughed, “ Well you better get used to it, because until I get a boyfriend, you are going to be seeing a lot more of it!”

.    Tootie didn’t even notice this, her eyes were red from holding back her tears and she was wiping the sticky-stinky fluid off her face with her shirt.

.    Vicky stood up, swaying a little on her feet, and walked over to Tootie, striping off her shirt and bra as she went ( these she just tossed into her closet ).  “ Lick my feet,” She demanded.

.    “ Yuck,” Tootie said, “ If I do that I’ll throw up,”

.    “ You better not, or else,” Vicky produced those picture out of nowhere again.

.    Tootie was on the verge of tears as she bent to lick her naked sister’s feet. She ran her tongue on the top of the foot, tasting the salty skin, but Vicky was not satisfied with just that. Steadying herself using her bed post, she lifted one foot and commanded, “ Suck the toes,”. Tootie plopped one of the toes in her mouth and gagged at the sweaty, disgusting taste. As she suckled it through waves of nausea, she looked up and saw Vicky was rubbing the small nub at  the top of her pussy, immensely enjoying her sister’s discomfort.

.    Vicky soon became bored with this, and an absolutely disgusting idea came into her head. “ That enough,” she said, pulling her toes out of her mouth. “ Now stand up.”

.    Tootie stood up, momentarily hopeful that this torture would end soon.  Vicky placed her feet shoulder length apart with her clit pointing at Tootie’s forehead. She pulled the lips wide open, revealing her moist insides.

.    At  this point, Tootie’s hopes were sunk. Still she couldn’t help but be a little curious. She had a full view of her sister’s insides. She stared in spite of herself.

.    “ Now open wide,” Vicky said, and made a grunting noise. Tootie was beyond fighting now and opened wide.  A second later, a rush of yellow liquid spurted from Vicky, striking Tootie first in the chin, then Vicky aligned herself and it went straight down her throat.

.    Tootie gagged as she felt her sister’s warm, salty piss slide down her throat. She instinctively doubled over, retching, the taste stuck on her tongue. She heard Vicky laughing hard and felt the pee flowing over her hair and down her back. This was too much for the little girl and she began to cry.

.    Vicky saw her sister crying, and her loins felt like they were on fire. She was close to a killer orgasm, as good or maybe better then when her boyfriend had fucked her. Just one more thing she needed to set her over the edge, and usher a whole new meaning of torture to her poor little sister.

.    When her stream had dried up, she smiled down at her sister and said, “ You didn’t swallow, that’s a bad girl, now you have to be punished,”

.    Through heavy sobs and a desperate need to gag, she choked out, “ But, you didn’t say that I had to,”

.    “ Are you calling me a liar?!” Vicky yelled and grabbed her by the hair. “ Ow, Ow, Ow!” Tootie howled, new tears falling on her cheeks. Vicky forced her onto the bed, but only so that her front half was on the bed. Her legs dangled, and he butt was left exposed in a very lewd position.

.    “Well, we have to do something about that.” Vicky said. She walked over to her drawer rummaged around before pulling out a black harness with a silver, carrot-sized cylindrical object attached to it. ‘ I bought this to use on Todd, but when he saw it he freaked and dumped me. So I’m going to use it on someone who can’t say no.’ Vicky thought, steeping into the harness and tightening the straps. ‘ She’s just lucky I got the small one,’

.    Tootie was sobbing into the sheets when she felt two hands spread the cheeks of her ass. She heard vicky mutter something about “ lubrication “ and felt something warm and wet sliding around her butt hole. She snuck a peek behind her and saw Vicky’s face was buried between her cheeks. “ Eww, Vicky, stop it,” Tootie sobbed, thinking that Vicky was going to make her do that next. She would throw up if she had to lick her asshole, it didn’t matter if Vicky threatened her or not.
.    Tootie screwed up her eyes as she felt Vicky’s tongue leave her butt. She thought she knew what was going to happen.

.    Vicky placed the tip of the dildo to her sister’s asshole. Rubbed it on the spit covered hole, back and forth, then pushed forward with her hips. As the dildo was shoved rudely into the little girl, she let out a scream. “ Ow, it hurts, take it out, please,” Tootie cried out. This just caused Vicky to plunge it deeper.

.    Tootie screamed in protest as the strappon inched its way inside. At last Vicky’s pelvis came in contact with Tootie’s butt. She reached down and flicked on the vibrating function. It hummed into life, causing Tootie to spasmodically scream and struggle weakly beneath her much bigger sister.

.    Vicky let out a wild scream of triumph as an orgasm unlike any other rocked her body. The innocent screams of her sister drove her to higher and higher heights. Finally she peaked, and her pussy spewed liquid all over the dildo, her sisters ass, and her own thighs.  

.    Tootie just gibbered beneath her now, having just been sodomized by her sister, she was more or less out of it. Vicky slid the silver instrument out of her sister, it was streaked with brown tinged with red. She loosened the straps and let it fall. “ Thanks for the fuck squirt. You better have this place clean by the time I get out of the shower.” She leaned close to Tootie’s ear and whispered something  Aladdin couldn’t hear. Tootie began bawling even louder, and Vicky left her there.

.     And what was it she said? “ I’m sure that Aladdin will like to have his ass fucked just like you,”

.                Chapter 8- Good Deed for the Day

.    The invisible Aladdin just stood on his ladder, struck dumb at what he had just witnessed. For the first time that day, his dick wasn’t about to burst out of his pants at a sexual act. The wrist bands that were in actuality his fairy god parents were both gaping in horror as well. “ That was horrible,” Aladdin whispered to them, “ how can someone be so cruel and disgusting?”

.    “ Well, honey, um…” Wanda began, but couldn’t think of any possible way to put a positive spin on the situation.

.    Just then Aladdin’s mind flashed back to what he saw  happen between Veronica and Jasmine, and a thought came into his head. He wanted to try some of the things that they did and knew that he could kill two bired with one stone. After what Tootie just had to endure, he would do something nice for her, and he knew that she would let him do anything he wanted to her. “ I wish that the room was clean,” he said. The wrist bands glowed briefly  and the room was scoured of evidence of the dastardly events that had just transpired. Tootie was still out of it and didn’t notice.

.    “ Aww, that was nice of you Aladdin,” the pink band said.

.    “ Ya, suspiciously nice,” the green one chimed in, narrowing his eyes.

.    “ Shutup you guys,” Aladdin said in a hushed voice, then after a moment added, “ I wish I was visible again,” The green band glowed and the color filled back into Aladdin. At the same time, he leapt through the window, landing with a soft thud.

.    Tootie looked up from her face down position on the bed to see what had made the noise, fearing that it was her sister returning with some sort of new diabolical torture in mind. When she say that Aladdin was standing in the room, she was at first filled with wonder, but that was quickly replaced with horror. “ Aladdin!” she yelled, scrambling to a sitting position, “ Don’t look at me, please don’t look,” she squeaked, backing against the bed’s backboard, covering herself with her hands and squeezing her eyes shut in shame.

.    Aladdin rushed over and placed a comforting hand on Tootie’s leg making a shushing sound,  “ It’s ok Tootie, I’m here to help,” he said, trying his best to sound comforting.  

.    She let out a long sniff, “ Really?” then after a moment said in a horrified voice, “ You didn’t see what happened did you?” her bottom lip trembled ever so slightly.

.    “ Um…. No…” Aladdin said after a pause to think, “ I just know that Vicky likes to be mean and I heard you crying from outside, so I came in to see what was going on,” he added quickly (and  lamely.)  “ I know, we can have some fun to forget all about icky-Vicky,” he said, sliding his hand down the little girl’s thigh.

.    The tears that had been prevalent in Tootie’s eyes dried up at the thought of playing with Aladdin, she felt a tingle deep inside as he ran his hand down her leg, “ Anything for you Aladdin, “ she said in a breathy voice and automatically spread her legs.

.    Tootie’s pussy was smooth and hairless, as her legs opened the lips parted ever so slightly in a welcoming gesture, the asshole beneath it was still red and enflamed, but the sticky mess that should have been there was removed by his earlier wish. Aladdin eyes were transfixed to the dark passage opened freely to him. He briefly considered slipping a finger inside then decided against it, remember how she screamed when Vicky put that thing in her butt. Calling upon all of his (in)significant memory, he placed his tongue inside of Tootie and wriggled it around.

.    For one horrified moment Tootie thought that Aladdin was going to lick her ass like Vicky did ( and subsequently rape her again.) but the second that his tongue entered her she knew this was going to be different. She cooed his name as wave after wave of pleasure emanated from her now throbbing sex.

.    ‘ Alright, its working,’ Aladdin thought, tasting a girl for the first time. It was strange, but not unpleasant, and the reaction he was getting made it clear that his efforts were being rewarded. He pulled back a little and saw that a small bump had risen at the top of Tootie’s cunt and he remembered one of the girls saying that it was very sensitive. He touched it with his tongue.  This caused Tootie to moan and lock her legs in a vice grip around Aladdin’s head.

.    Aladdin was now forced to take the small clit into his mouth by the crushing action of Tootie’s legs. By sheer luck he managed not to scrape it with his teeth.  He instinctively lashed it with his tongue, and after a few moments began to wonder how he was going to take a breath.

.    “ Oh, oh, oh Aladdin, I love youuuu!” Tootie shrieked to the world as an orgasm washed over her incredible young form, causing her legs to kick out, releasing Aladdin’s head. He pulled back, taking a gasping breath and watch with satisfaction as the little girl trembled all over and passed out from the pleasure. Neither of them had noticed the pink wrist band glowing slightly.

.    With a smug look on his face, Aladdin said, “ I wish she was in her own bed, and that she though all of this was a dream.” The two wrist bands smiled and with a puff of pinkish-green smoke Tootie disappeared.  Aladdin climbed back out of the window and began to walk home, filled with a sense of having done good.

.    While Aladdin was distracted with himself, Cosmo whispered to Wanda “ I didn’t know girls could orgasm that young,”  

.    She responded with a sheepish grin, “ Uh, normally, they can’t, so I uh… gave her a little help,”

.    “ Ohhhh,” Cosmo said, dropping a big wink, pretending he understood.

            Chapter 9 - The Failed Party

.    The thought of what had just transpired at his babysitter’s house was beginning to lose its potency, and his mind turned to more pleasant thoughts. The first thing that Aladdin noticed was that now that he had lost his perpetual hard-on, his penis was quite sore and he had a pressing need to go to the bathroom. ‘ Well, I guess it hasn’t been used much until today,’ he thought. “ Cosmo, Wanda, I wish that my thingy wasn’t sore anymore.”

.    At the mention of their names, the two wrist bands transform instantly into godparent form once again. They exchanged a knowing glance and Wanda said, “ I’m sorry sweetie, but that’s against Da Rules,”

.    “ What, Why?” Aladdin complained, looking annoyed.

.    “ Well Aladdin, that falls under a special category of  Da Rules called ‘Sexual Wishes’. We can’t grant any wishes involving sex, sexuality, or things like that,” Wanda said matter-of-factly.

.    “ Which is why you can’t wish your dick big,” Cosmo blurted out, causing Wanda to throw a painful elbow into his side.

.    “ Oh,” Aladdin said, looking downcast. He had already begun to organize a series of wishes that would probably be outlawed under these new rules. At this point, they passed a fancy looking house with all sorts of pretty lights and colors that quickly drew the attention of Aladdin. “ What’s going on in there?” he asked.

.    “ Oh, I forgot, that’s Jimmy’s house, he’s having his one year anniversary with his fairy god parents,” Cosmo said, forgetting that he’s not suppose to tell anybody about other children’s godparents. Wanda got the nagging look primed up when there came a resounding crash from the house and a sparkling pink muffin came flying through one of the windows.

.    “ You have WHAT?!” an adult female voice screamed from the broken window. This was promptly followed by a resounding boom followed by a vacuum whooshing sound then a sudden silence.

.    “ Eh, well, not anymore…” Cosmo sighed, rolling his eyes.

.    “ Hey, he dropped his magic muffin,” Aladdin said, picking up the pastry.

.    “ Aladdin, I don’t think that belongs to you,” Wanda said nervously.

.    “ Come on Wanda,” Cosmo chimed in, “ Its not like he’s going to be able to use it,” he added pointing a thumb toward the house.

.    Wanda looked unsure for a moment, then smiled, “ Well, I guess since Aladdin didn’t get a chance to use his before, he can keep the muffin,”

[ Authors note : The muffin is from the Fairly Odd Parents movie, it grants the eater 1 rule free wish ]

.    “ Well I’m going to make sure it doesn’t get wasted this time,” Aladdin said, and stuffed the muffin into his back pocket for later use. His short attention span kicked in, and he walked back to his house trying to remember what he was going to do. He opened the door without announcing himself, and when he was about to enter the living room, his eyes flew wide open. Not noticing him, were his two parents passionately engaged in the act of lovemaking.

.    Aladdin’s Mom was draped facing upward on the armrest of the couch. Her legs were wrapped around her husband who was thrusting deeply into her with a crazed look in his. They were both grunting and moaning like animals as they fucked.

.    Aladdin quickly slid behind a wall so that only his head was peeking out, from his vantage point  he could see his Dad’s penis ( which was of an admirable length ) thrusting smoothly in and out of his mother’s vagina. At this, the final piece of the puzzle clicked home. This was proper sex between a man and a women. It only made sense now that he thought of it, the rod goes in the hole.

.    After a few minutes, Aladdin’s Mom let out a shrill series of giggles and his Dad shouted something about a having his pencil sharpened, and they collapsed forward onto the couch in a hopeless pile. “ That was great honey!,” Aladdin’s Dad said in a loud voice.

.    “ And now its time for our after-sex muffin bonanza,” Aladdin’s Mom responded.

.    “ Ohoh,” Aladdin’s Dad said, and reach toward the coffee table where a stack of muffin’s sat ( unnoticed by Aladdin until now, “ Blueberry my favorite,” he said biting into a muffin, “ After sex, its like a magic muffin!”

.    At this last sentence, it finally struck the none-too-bright Aladdin what he could use his muffin for.

.                Chapter 10 : Deux Ex Muffina
.                      ( God in the Muffin )

.    ‘ MMMMuuufffffiiiinnnnnn’
.    ‘Ssssseeeexxxx’
.    ‘MMMMaaaaggggiiiiccc’
.    ‘MMMuuuffffiiiinnnn’
.    These words followed each other around in Aladdin’s head, picking up speed until they were like a swirling whirlwind inside his skull. At last the words linked themselves together like a group of highly trained fighter jets. He gobbled down the muffin.

.    “ Yeck,” Aladdin said making a disgusted face. “ Cosmo! Wanda!” he called out, and a pair of chairs, matching pink and green of course, appeared in the room. “ What is it Aladdin?” They said in unison.

.    “ I wish that the sexual wishes chapter of Da Rules didn’t exist anymore!” He shouted before either of the fairies ( Wanda ) could object. She had begun to do just that when her, and Cosmo’s wand started to glow of their own accord. An extra large copy of Da Rules appeared in midair and opened open to a section near the back where Sexual Wishes was written in large red letters. The wands pointed themselves toward the page and blasted it revealing a drawing of a boy and his fairy godmother engaged in sexual activity and a lengthy article. The wands blasted this page away revealing a child having intercourse with an adult.

.    For several minutes the wands blasted away forbidden sex act after forbidden sex act, starting from the mundane such oral, masturbation, and a myriad positions. From here it moved on to things such as enlarging sexual organs, changing sensitivity and endurance ( at this cosmos  raised an eyebrow toward Wanda who remarked rather sheepishly that Aladdin never wished to help Tootie orgasm ). The last section of the book, labeled debauchery in black letters, contained themes such as peeing on a partner, rape, and sex with animals.

.    At last the wands quite their zapping and floated back into their stunned owners hands. “ Did it work?” Aladdin asked, then squeezed his eyes shut and braced himself to receive a lengthy speech from Wanda about how he shouldn’t have done what he just did. Much to his surprise, he felt a pair of soft lips on his own, and when he opened his mouth in astonishment, he felt a tongue feel its way into his mouth, running over the back of his large buck teeth.

.    He opened his eyes wide and saw Wanda with a greedy look in her eyes staring deeply into his. Something about that look caused his cock to hail a salute once again, although this time accompanied by a painfull soreness.

.    “ Oh here, let me take care of that for you sweetie,” Wanda said, breaking her lip lock with Aladdin. She pulled down his pants and tapped the erect tip with her wand. The redness spreading there faded, leaving pink, young meat. She wasted no time in putting her hot, wet mouth overtop of it.

.    Aladdin grinned absently as that wonderful sensation washed over him again, causing him to go weak in the knees which made him grab on to Wanda’s hair to keep balance. The grin was quickly replaced by one of confusion as he realized what was going on, “ What.., Why,?” Aladdin sputtered out between waves of pleasure ( which coincided with the movement Wanda’s tongue )

.    “ Well Aladdin, every fairy god parent is eventually attracted to a kid of the opposite sex to which they are assigned,” Cosmo said, “ usually a god parent of the same sex as the child is assigned to them, but with couples like me and Wanda, there’s an exception made.”

.    At about the word exception, Aladdin’s balls found they were up to the task of producing another load and shot it right into Wanda’s throat. As she was greedily sucking out every last drop, Aladdin managed to stammer out, “ How do you know that Cosmo? You usually don’t know anything…”

.    “ Welll…” Cosmo began, thinking back to a previous child, this one a little girl, but before he could elaborate further, Wanda finished her meal and pushed Aladdin onto his back prompting an, “Umpf” sound.

.    “ Nevermind what Cosmo knows, concentrate on me,” she said, and with a wave of her wand was naked before Aladdin. He stared at the pink patch of fur she sported. “ Time to be a Man, sport,” she continued and mounted the boy’s still erect cock.

.    As she lowered herself onto Aladdin’s quivering erection, Aladdin felt the best sensation yet wash over him. The velvety fold of his God Parents sex engulfed his member centimeter by slow centimeter. This was much better then just a hand, or even then a mouth. He literally thought he had died and gone to heaven.

.    Wanda began to move up and down, relishing the idea of having her god child’s cock inside her rather then being in ecstasy from the size of the cock. She grabbed her own pink breast and kneaded it violently, while running another hand to her clitty.

.    Much sooner then she thought possible, he began to shoot stream after stream of hot, sticky fluid into her. His little boy body ran hot and hard to keep up with the demand that was being thrust upon it. Pleasure shot through his body like a constant lightning bolt, bordering on pain it was so intense. At last Wanda joined him, letting her own orgasm wash down on the boy, more mental then physical, it was none the less one of the best she ever had.

.    With her boy-lust subsiding, Wanda realized what she had just done. “ Oh, Aladdin, I’m so sorry, it’s just that with Da Rules about sex gone, my pants went crazy and, and” she had dismounted Aladdin and large tears swelled in her eyes.

.    Aladdin sat up with a dazzed look, but said, “ It’s Ok, Wanda, really, I’m fine, and it felt really good, I’m glad I made that wish,”

.    Wanda beamed at him and embraced him in a hug. As this gushy moment passed,  Cosmo turned the camera he shouldn’t see and said, “ I would feel jealous, but I get away with far to much as it is. Even I‘m smart enough to realize that I should probably leave for a little while. Oooh I wonder if I can get my old band back together!” and poofed away.

.    “ Well, what now?” Wanda asked, licking her lips to see if she missed any of Aladdin’s spew.

.    “ Ok, I wish that Jasmine and Veronica were, um, Wanda? What’s  the word for when someone wants to have Sex really bad? “ he asked, blushing at the word sex.

.    “ Horny, sweetie,” she responded.

.    “ Then I wish they were both really, really, horny!” he stated enthusiastically, while at the same time running to his room, stripping himself of clothes as he ran.

.    Wanda waved her glowing wand while she followed Aladdin upstairs. Jasmine was lying down on her bed listening to music when she sat up bolt upright with a gasp, her eyes darted around the room and she grabbed a vibrating plush toy she had lying around, and with a quick thought spared to thanking Veronica for showing her how to do stuff like this, shoved it down her pants against her burning sex with a heavy sigh, just before she poofed out of existence in a cloud of pink smoke. In another house, Veronica was sitting at her computer chair naked below the waist staring at a picture that Jasmine had sent, it was of course the one of the two objects shoved inside herself, she started rapidly humping her own hands when she to was poofed away.

.    The reason for their sudden disappearance was, of course, Aladdin’s next wish, which was “ I wish they were both in my room!” he said, and sat down on his bed, his prick waving proudly in the air still covered in wet from his loss of virginity. Wanda waved her wand, and turned herself into a tiny earpiece so she could talk to Aladdin.

.    The two girls appeared in twin puffs of smoke, eyes wide and loins on fire. Veronica took one look at the naked Aladdin and squealed in pleasure, increasing the ferocity of her masturbation. Jasmine looked around horrified for a moment, then saw little Aladdin. Having never seen a naked boy, and now with the toy in her pants egging her on ( and a certain wish), her horror was replaced with intrigue. “ Tommy? Whats going on?” she asked, but couldn’t remove her eyes from his cock.

.    “ We’re going to have a lot of fun!” Aladdin said, then leapt off of the bed and crossed the room to where Jasmine was. “ And my name is Aladdin,” he added then knelt down and ran his hand over one breast while taking the other nipple in his mouth. Girls played with their pussies and liked them sucked, and he saw Wanda play with her breast so he thought they might liked their breast sucked too.

.    “ Oh, Aladdin,” Jasmine said, which was proof enough for Aladdin. She arched her back and cooed in pleasure. She supported herself with one hand and pushed off her jeans with another. The bulge of the toy now stood out obscenely against her cotton panties. She grabbed ahold of it and ground it into her dripping sex.

.    Aladdin pulled his lips off with a smack, prompting a disappointed look from Jasmine and stood up. He began moving his body forward until it his manhood was just in front of her face. Jasmine looked uncertain for a moment, then remember what Veronica had done to her when she was in her room. She first licked the purple head tentatively with her tongue, then got a little bolder and took the tip inside her mouth.

.    While this was going on, Veronica wasn’t idle. She had her fantasy coming true for some reason she didn’t care about and wasn’t going to waste it. While Aladdin stood with her back to him, she remembered what Jasmine did to her and got a devilish idea. She crept quietly to a desk in the room and grabbed an unsharpened pencil. She snuck up behind Aladdin, licking the shaft of the pencil to get it nice and wet. Before Aladdin could protest, she quickly slipped it into his ass.

.    Aladdin felt the protrusion, and was rewarded with a blast a cum from his other end. Jasmine, who had been suckling Aladdin like a bottle, felt the spasm followed by a hot blast of liquid in the back of her throat, forcing a swallow. She was one of those type who don’t have much of a gag reflex, however, so it was no big deal to her. “ Wow,” she thought, “ Boys squirt stuff just like Veronica, it taste weird though, but I bet Veronica would eat this stuff” and so, not to be outdone, she gobbled the rest down.
.    “ Do you like it Aladdin?” Veronica asked in a breathy voice, pumping the pencil in and out of Aladdin’s, “ Do you like having you’re ass violated?”

.    Since the pencil was fairly small, and Aladdin still very horny ( probable due to Wanda’s ‘curing’ of the soreness their) it was. He nodded his agreement, and moved his ass in time with her thrusts. Veronica giggled like a maniac at this.

.    Jasmine leaned back and spread her legs in front of Aladdin and Veronica. She tore her panties off, now much too impatient to worry about consequences, and tossed them (along with the toy) away from her. She furiously began to rub her obscenely protruding clitty.

.    Veronica removed the pencil, and began to look around for something larger, like a marker. Aladdin snapped out of the anal pleasure he was receiving and looked at Jasmine, who was spread eagle and moaning. He was going to fuck Jasmine silly. He got on his knees and placed his hands on either side of her and positioned his prick. Jasmine remembered stuffing things inside Veronica, and it clicked inside her head. She grabbed the thing and guided it inside herself.

.    Aladdin’s pleasure first doubled, then trebled as he slid inside the girl he loved. Jasmine was in heaven as well, until Aladdin hit a spot that caused his dick to stop.  Aladdin brought his weight down further, which elicited a cry of pain from Jasmine. He immediately pulled back, and Wanda crackled into his ear, “You hit her hymen sweety, a girls first time is painfull,”.

.    A few tears stood out on Jasmine’s eyes, but Aladdin said, “ I wish she didn’t have her hymen,” in a low tone that only he and Wanda could hear. He saw a pink glow just above her pussy and grinned again, saying in a louder voice, “It’s ok Jasmine, watch,” and slid all the way in to his lover. Jasmine gasped at this, the pleasure once again returning in full force.

.    Aladdin began to hump away with enthusiasm. He was having even more fun being on top, able to control the pace. Watching them fuck, Veronica began to get jealous of the attention lavished on Veronica. She gave up her search for a larger pseudo-dildo and stepped in front of Aladdin, her legs spread slightly apart just like on the bus. She placed her hands on either side of his head and thrust her hips into his face while shouting, “ Eat me!” in her shrill voice.

.    He didn’t know what that meant, but he knew what to do, and for the second time that day began to have oral sex with a girl. So there the three were, and a rhythm established itself amidst the sexual chaos. Aladdin drove his cock into the love of his life then ran his tongue along the slit and clit of her crazy friend. Jasmine slammed against Aladdin’s pelvis with each thrust while keeping he eyes glued to Veronica’s ass , which thrust forward with every lick of Aladdin’s.

.    Being young, they were only able to keep this pace up for a little while, and maybe with a little pink help, soon all three of them began to first moan, then yell as orgasm spread through them like wildfire. Jasmine thrust upwards, screaming her orgasm to the to the room. Aladdin matched her as his own orgasm hit like thunder. Veronica ground her dripping sex into Aladdin’s mouth, rubbing against the buck teeth , screaming and causing her own orgasm at the same time.

.    Aladdin slipped out of Jasmine with a sloppy noise and sat backwards dazed, his crotch covered in sex juices as well as his chin. He sighed heavily and sat down on the carpet with a large grin on his face.  Veronica collapsed next to Jasmine with her head by her hips and Jasmine just laid there smiling in the afterglow of her first time.

.    Veronica only stayed where she was a moment before she felt a tingling in her crotch again. It wasn’t Wanda’s magic still at work, she was just a very, very horny little girl. She rolled on top of her best friend, and spread the lips of her pussy, marveling at the slick juices glittering there. She ran her tongue along the outer lips, and as it turned out Jasmine was right, and she began to probe her friend’s vagina looking for spots of cum.  Moaned and groaned in pleasure, too weak to resist, and not really wanting to anyway.

.    “ Well, Aladdin, I don’t think that you can top that,” Wanda crackled into his ear.

.    Aladdin took this as a challenge, and at the same time though of the ultimate revenge on Icky Vicky. His mind flashed to the chapter that had flashed by in the book, a chapter labeled Beastiality.

.    “ I wish that Vicky was in the room, and chained to the floor by her neck so that she has to be stuck bent over,” Aladdin said .

.    The earpiece crackled and in a poof of pink smoke, a very shocked looking red headed teenaged girl was in the middle of the room. She was lying on a pink piece of furniture that resembled the edge of a couch that forced her ass into the air toward Aladdin. wearing nothing but a towel. “ What’s going on,?“ she asked, bewildered and tugged at a collar which hung around her neck and prevented her from straightening, “ and what is this?” she added, beginning to sound angry. This, of course, went unnoticed by the other two in the room as one was lost in pleasure overload, while the other was lost in a pussy.

.    ‘ Payback,’ he thought in answer to both. He walked up and flipped up the towel, revealing her milky white ass propped into the air. “ What the hell?” she shouted.

.    He back away from her naked backside, crawled back on his bed and said, “I wish Chompy were here and thought that Vicky was a female goat that he wanted to have sex with,” and just as the words left his lips, there appeared in the now quite crowded room.

.    Chompy the goat took one look at the scene in front of him and bleated with joy. He saw the girl goat of his dreams standing in front of him with the smell of sex in the air. His dick slid out of its protective sheath.  He leapt forward and mounted the girl goat, gripping her waist with his hooves and positioning his cock at her hole.

.    Vicky heard the bleat and struggled harder. She thought that this was one major nightmare when she felt the pain of the hooves digging into her sides, she cried out and struggled violently to get away. All Chompy saw was the female trying to position herself. All the struggling caused Chompy’s first and most important thrust to go wrong, and he accidentally thrust it into Vicky’s virgin asshole. Vicky shrieked at this and tears streamed down her eyes as it felt like she was being torn in half at the ass. She cried for it to stop, but to no avail. The goat continued to ravage her ass, and began to spill load after load of hot sticky animal cum into her. The feeling of it in her anal cavity, squishing around as he fucked her relentlessly only amplified the feelings of humiliation and pain.

.    As Aladdin watched this transpire, he said without realizing it, “ I wish Tootie could see this,” and before he could rescind the wish, she was there on the bed with him, bent over with her hands flying on her sex and her face buried in his blanket, her pajama bottoms around her ankles.

.    Sensing that she was somehow no longer alone, she opened one eye. “ Aladdin!,” She screamed, and increased her pace. “ I had this amazing dream that you came to my house, and did something really neat with my special place, and now it feels really good to rub it, oh Aladdin… What?” She at last noticed her sister being ravaged by a goat. Being related to Vicky meant that she shared at least some of her sister’s genes.  So seeing her sister being violated so caused her sex to flare up, she bit her lip and closed her eyes, humping her hands violently now.

.    Aladdin positioned himself behind Tootie, he was going to fuck the girl who loved him, and Vicky’s current situation had given him the hard-on that would let him. He whispered, “ I wish Tootie didn’t have a hymen,” she thrust into her. Tootie squealed in delight as she was vaginally penetrated for the first time. Without her hymen, she was free to experience all the pleasure Aladdin had to offer. His cock fit well inside her ( thanks to Wanda’s earlier meddling ). Aladdin grabbed her ever present pigtails on a whim and slammed his dick in and out of her, making a slapping news with each new thrust.  Just before the clock struck nine, everything exploded one last time.

.    Jasmine lying on the floor had begun to return the favor her friend Veronica was providing and was greedily lapping at the wetness there. Her friend still slurped greedily at the bald pussy, probing its delicious depths. First Jasmine began to cry out as her friend stimulated another orgasm, then pushed on by Jasmine, Veronica joined her. With her eyes firmly fixed on her goat-raped sister, Tootie moaned, then trumpeted her love for Aladdin as her 2nd orgasm hit her like a hurricane. Aladdin, hearing the screams of girls all around him, yelled his triumph and spit his cum into the girl that loved him. Even Chompy let out an exceedingly loud bleat and shot an extra large spurt of jism into Vicky, who was blubbering like her sister was before.

.    Then the clock struck 9, and the four children collapsed. Jasmine and Veronica in each other’s embrace ( though in an inverted way ) and Aladdin on top of Tootie with his slowly deflating dick inside. Chompy felt himself spent and slid off of Vicky, a small fountain of red-tinged semen leaked from her motionless form.


.    Aladdin’s Dad got up from the couch where his wife was asleep (sex always make them tired). They could both sleep through a tornado, but his bladder woke him up just in time to catch the end of a group of screaming voices. He crept up the stairs to Aladdin’s room and open the door a crack. Inside, he saw two naked girls passed out together, Aladdin lying on top of another girl, and his babysitter lying on a strange piece of furniture that was never their before and of course, a goat sleeping on the floor.

.    ‘ That’s my boy,’ he whispered and closed the door.

The End

[ I could have split that up the last chapter, but I wanted all wishes as a result of the muffin in one fantastic climax ( no pun intended) like the end of a fireworks show. Well its been fun, but all good stories must come to an end. Its time to move on to my next work. But I somehow don’t think I’ve finished with Aladdin’s world, although I don’t think my next fanfic will be about him.  All comments welcome J and, of course, I hope you’ve enjoyed the tale. ]